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Shape Magazine Lists Sandhill Organic Wild Rice Essential In A Plant-Based Pantry

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Shape Magazine/Used with permission

In the April 2021 Shape Magazine, writer Laura Rege has listed Sandhill Organic Wild Rice as must-have ingredient in a plant-based food pantry.

"The right ingredients will make your vegetable-centric dishes even healthier and more delicious," Rege writes. "Stock up on these 10 must-haves for bold flavor, whole-grain goodness, and meat-free protein." For other articles from Shape Magazine on a plant-based pantry, click here

Sandhill Organic Wild Rice is non-GMO, a good source of fiber and protein. 1 cup of wild rice contains  282 grams of magnesium, 10 grams of zinc, .626 grams of Vitamin B6, and 1.31 grams of vitamin E.  Sandhill Wild Rice is available as conventional and organic-grown. Buy Here

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