The Farm


A multi-generational family farm and ranch, Alturas Ranches is beautifully situated in Northern California, surrounded by preserved wildlife habitat. Alturas Ranches primary focus is on the health of the land, thus producing wild rice of high quality. We have also established, converted, and continue to develop vast fields of conventionally farmed ground to organic land. We believe our farming practices can work together to grow the microbiology in our soils and thus increase the nutrient density of the wild rice and organic wild rice crops we cultivate.

Both of our Sandhill Wild Rice and Sandhill Organic Wild Rice products are named for the migratory Sandhill Cranes which make their habitat in our paddies. The crane, in Chinese and Japanese culture, is a symbol for longevity, peace, and good-fortune—all of which are promoted through the consumption of this native superfood. We pride ourselves on our conventional and organic practices which, amongst other more obvious benefits, further the health and wellbeing of these beautiful birds.

Unlike much of the wild rice found in the marketplace that comes from a milling facility—which combines product from a conglomerate of farmers from various regions and cultural practices—Sandhill Wild Rice and Sandhill Organic Wild Rice are single-origin products. Being of single origin, our Wild Rice products are assuredly consistent and premium, being grown in the fertile valley beneath the Warner Mountain Range.  Buy Products Here.

Also grown at Alturas Ranches and available for sale is AlfaGrow garden supplement, alfalfa pellets sold in 10-lb draw-string bags. For more information about this high-quality, non-toxic,  product that's a soil amendment, fertilizer, and mulch, visit