The Rice


Wild Rice is a North American superfood that is naturally free of gluten. While Wild Rice is grown in paddies and prepared in a similar culinary fashion to traditional rice, the similarities stop there. Wild Rice is not an actual rice but is an aquatic grass, harvested for its grain-like seed. White and Brown Rice versus Wild Rice are altogether separate genus. 

Wild Rice was first hand harvested by various Native American tribes (including the Chippewa, Sioux, Ojibwa, and Cree) in canoes in the Great Lakes Region of North America. Through cultivation, we have made great strides in efficiency while retaining the incredible nutritional benefits and flavor profiles. 

Sandhill Wild Rice is non-GMO, a good source of fiber and protein. 1 cup of wild rice contains  282 grams of magnesium, 10 grams of zinc, .626 grams of Vitamin B6, and 1.31 grams of vitamin E.  Sandhill Organic Wild Rice is also available and is grown on the same California ranch.

The flavor of Wild Rice makes it stand out amongst other gluten free grains. Sandhill Wild Rice has a robust, nutty flavor that grounds each dish by adding a rich texture and component of sophistication and complexity.

Wild rice should be stored in a dry location and if so, will maintain its full flavor far into the future. This food stores so well we're certain that wild rice found by archaeologists in Native American sites could still be cooked and enjoyed for a meal.  Visit Buy Page Here.